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Obtaining Strong Intellectual Property Overseas

Use of the Solid Partnerships with the Foreign Attorneys
With the long-established solid partnerships with the foreign attorneys in Asia, Europe and the United States, we have established a solid support framework for international patent applications. Especially, we at our office actively exchange information and make mutual visits with the foreign attorneys, making it possible to keep track of the latest legal system in each country to realize a successful international filing for an intellectual property. Further, along with the foreign attorneys’ significant support in searching and consulting, our staff members (who are searchers and consultants) work closely together with the foreign attorneys and technical experts here at our office and continue to provide the best service available.

Filing of International Patent Applications with Ease

Eliminating Problems Caused by Mistranslations and Minimizing Fees to be Paid to Foreign Attorneys.
Have you ever experienced any problem of mistranslations due to some misunderstandings in the translation ?
Our firm has not only Japanese and Foreign technicians with high English level who are in charge of drafting English Specifications, but there are also Chinese patent attorneys and technicians with Chinese language as their mother tongue. These persons are responsible for drafting Chinese Specifications (translation cost is about the same as the local standard fee). Also, we actively study and provide our advice based on the legal systems and the practices of foreign countries, without totally relying on the foreign attorneys. Further, we aim to minimize the fees to be paid to the foreign attorneys by using the foreign technicians working in our office.

Effective Use of PCT

Going trough Application Procedures based on the Latest Information of Foreign Countries

Filing Applications via PCT has been getting more popular these days, and with an increasing importance of PCT, it is necessary to get familiar with the latest information on PCT in each of the PCT affiliate countries.

Through a long-established strong connection with our trustable foreign associates , the latest information can be attained in a real time. Based on such information, we proceed with filing applications via PCT in a way best suitable for our clients.

Further, as an effective use of PCT, we provide all sorts of advices for individual cases on the following points:

  1. (1)Whether a PCT application should be filed directly without at first filing a domestic application in Japan ?
  2. (2)Whether a Request for International Preliminary Examination should be filed based on the results of International Search Report ?
  3. (3)Whether any amendment should be filed in the international phase or in the national phases ?
  4. (4)Which countries of the PCT affiliate countries should be selected in view of client’s interest in business ?

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