Our Service

Ebisu International Patent Office ¡ä Our Service

Our Service

We provide various IP services (including Patent, Utility Model, Trademark and Design applications) to our clients both domestic and overseas.
We consider it important to obtain ¡Èa powerful right¡É for our client, and provide adequate advice for its effective use. To achieve this, we also provide the highest level of support in Patent Search, Judgment, Trial, and Lawsuit.

Domestic Application International Application Patent Searching/Consulting

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Work Flow

Work flow

Our Fields of Technical Expertise

¢£Patent/Utility Model
¢¢¡¡Software/ Hardware
¢¢¡¡Graphics/ Sound and other Signal-Processings

¢¢¡¡Flat Panel Display
¢¢¡¡Civil Engineering/ Architecture
¢¢¡¡Optical Apparatus/Medium
¢¢¡¡Business Model
¢¢¡¡Electricity, Electronic Circuit/ Control Circuit

Intellectual Property Management Service

Please Entrust Us with Your Intellectual Property Management
For obtaining intellectual property rights and their maintenance, many different varieties of deadline managements are absolutely crucial. For instance, it is essential to meet the deadlines for Request for Substantive Examination after filing, the deadlines for responding to the Office Actions and Notice of Allowances, the deadlines for payment of Annuity Fee, the deadlines for updating Trademark Rights, and so on.
We, at Ebisu International Office, have our exclusive management system and database for carrying out deadline managements for our client¡Çs. Please also contact us if you would like us to handle various corresponding formalities on your behalf. We function as an outsourcing IP division to those companies without Intellectual Property Departments, and it would be our greatest pleasure to serve as your IP Department.

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