Domestic Application

Ebisu International Patent Office ¡ä Domestic Application

Domestic Application

Preparing Specification for Filing Application in Japan ¡ÁHigh-Quality and Speedy¡Á
Our staff specialized in each area of technical fields make sure to have a correct understanding of our clients¡Ç intentions and prepare a high-quality specification in a timely manner.
Our staff with technical knowledge in various fields as well as abundant experiences provide our clients with all-rounded support from discovering new technology/ innovation to having them patented. Especially, we put a great deal of effort to prepare patent specifications in mechanical and electricity/communication fields for acquiring an effective Intellectual Property Right based on our clients¡Ç intellectual portfolios.

Complete Support from Taking Order to Annuity Fee Management (Focusing on Quality and Speed)¡¡

Step1 (Technology Trend Search)
¢£According to client¡Çs request, our search staff conduct a search on technology trend in a specific field.
Step 2 (Prior Art Search)
¢£ Through a meticulous prior-art search, we can provide a solid support framework from developing an idea for an invention to filing an application for the invention.
Step 3 (Filing an Application for a Patent)
¢£We reduce our client¡Çs workload as much as possible in discovering an invention and drafting a proposal for the invention.
¢£We greatly focus on laborsaving when drafting a proposal for an invention and try to be cooperative with client even when starting to discover new technology/innovation.
¢£Based on the results of search conducted by our experts, our full support for achieving an effective patent right is provided by conducting a detailed discussion with our skilled staff when drafting a specification.
¢£ We also offer advice on how to ensure a confidentiality. (Exhibition, Date of Sale, Event, etc.)
Step 4 (Handling Office Actions)
¢£We provide our detailed amendments according to client¡Çs instructions.
¢£We make suggestions on the appropriate wording of technical terms for obtaining an effective patent right.
¢£ As for interviews with Examiner for some important cases, we conduct the interviews in the most effective manner, using our own know-how, thereby ensuring our good reputation among our clients.
Step 5 (Decision of Grant/ Annuity Fee Management)
¢£We are responsible for the Annuity Fee Management after payment of Issue Fee.
¢£We will send you a notice to see if you would like to register for a patent right a few months prior to the due date of Issue Fee Payment.

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