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Patent Searching/Consulting Service

Experts in Acquirinig Intellectual Property Rights
We conduct various IP searches for our clients, such as searches for both domestic and international patent applications prior to filing and searches for evaluating other companies’ intellectual properties.

Search Service

High-Quality Search
We can meet client’s needs for search to ensure strategic use of Intellectual Property.
Our staff skilled in the technical field conduct a speedy and high-quality search. The searches are being conducted for the following purposes:
  • ・ Obtaining patent rights prior to filing
  • ・ Analyzing technology trend of other companies
  • ・ Analyzing market trend (drawing Patent Map)
  • ・ Precenting other companies from getting patent rights
  • ・ Finding whether our client's product forms an infringement of other companies' products

Consulting Service

Analysis of Other Companies' Products in View of Patent
We are always available for your questions regarding legal issues as to the effectiveness of important patents, infringement of rights, and so on. We also offer supports for the following proposals and the needs for analysis, together with the above search service:
  • ・ Proposal for invention from the view point of market investigation
  • ・ Analysis of other companies’ products from the view point of patent

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